Social Studies/Art Activity

In this activity, children will discuss the benefits of spending time with family members. Then they will make posters to share their ideas with others.

What You Need

  • poster board
  • poster paints, crayons, or markers

What to Do

  1. Brainstorm with children a list of things they like to do when they spend time with family members. On chart paper, list their suggestions under the heading “Family-Time.” Use short exclamatory sentences that children can copy when making their posters. Some suggestions might include the following: Read together! Get a hug! Play a game! Walk the dog!
  2. When the list is finished, have partners make Family-Time posters. Tell children to copy the words Family-Time (from the chart) onto the top of each poster. Then have each pair choose one of the sentences and copy it onto the bottom of the poster. (You may want to do the writing for the children.) Next, have them paint or draw a picture to illustrate the sentence.
  3. Have the children share their finished posters with the class. Discuss where they could display the posters around the school (hallway bulletin boards, the library, the cafeteria). Then, with the class, display the posters.

Teaching Options

  • Assemble the posters into a Family-Time big book to store in the classroom library.
  • Display the posters around the classroom and invite family members to come in for a special Family Day celebration.