Class Mascot

Language Arts Activity

Children will create their own tales to tell using a class mascot for inspiration.



  1. Choose a particular stuffed animal or toy as a class mascot and have children decide upon a name for their new friend. Then brainstorm with children some background information about the mascot. Some ideas might be:

  2. Next, explain to children that they will take turns bringing home the mascot and notebook. In the notebook, they are to write their own tale about an adventure the mascot had or something it did. The tale could be about a trip to the dentist or an amusement park. How about a ride on a giant bird! Encourage them to let their imaginations fly. Also, suggest to children that they refer to the information written in class for ideas or details to use in their tales.

  3. Show children the backpack and explain what's inside (in addition to the mascot and notebook):

  4. You might want to keep a list of the dates children take the mascot home and when the mascot should be returned. Each time the mascot returns to school, set aside some special time for the child to tell or read the tale to the rest of the class.


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