Human Survival Gear

Science Activity

The purpose of this activity is to help students learn ten parts or systems of the human body that help them survive and to consider individual actions they can take to avoid threats to their own "survival gear."



  1. Pass out Human Survival charts and explain that "human survival" is the concept this activity explores. Ask if there are any questions about the list of human body parts and how each one helps them to survive.

  2. Have students work in small groups to complete the chart (see completed sample chart.) Encourage them to combine their personal knowledge and experience with information from the reference books to complete the second and third columns of the chart.

  3. Have a volunteer from each group present the ideas listed on the group chart to the rest of the class.

  4. Have the class decide which answers from each group are valid and/or reasonable and use that information to make 10 posters, each one representing a different piece of survival gear (human body part). Encourage children to illustrate the posters.

  5. Display posters in the science area of the class or in school halls, cafeteria, or auditorium.

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