Pet Schedule

Science/Art Activity

In this activity children will share what they know about their pets' daily activities and create an imaginary schedule for their pets.


My Pet's Schedule (print and copy)


  1. Discuss with children their daily routine, including classroom activities. Explain that activities such as these make up a daily schedule. On a piece of chart paper, create with children a basic daily schedule such as the one below:

    Get dressed
    Have breakfast
    Go to School

    Go home
    Have a snack

    Eat dinner
    Read a book
    Go to bed

    (If you write a daily class schedule on the board, review it with children.)

  2. Next, discuss with children what their pets do during the day. List children's responses on chart paper. Then pass out copies of the My Pet's Schedule sheet and have children draw pictures of their pets at three different times of day. Children who do not have pets can draw a schedule for a classroom pet or a pet they would like to have.

  3. Have children share their pet schedules with friends.


Have children draw imaginary schedules for a firefighter's Dalmatian or a pirate's parrot.

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