Who Lives Here?

Science/Art Activity

In this activity, children will discuss the different kinds of housing that different pets require. Then they will create Who Lives Here? riddle cards.



  1. Ask children what pets they have at home. List their responses in a column on chart paper. (Children without pets may suggest a pet they would like to have.) Then discuss with children the special housing needs of the pets on the list. Do they need a cage, a tank, a small house of their own? Why? List each pet's "house" alongside its name on the chart paper.

  2. Next, tell children they are going to make riddle cards. Pass out the blank riddle cards and have children fold them in half (so the question appears on the front of the card at the top). Then read aloud with children the question on the front of the card. Explain that they are going to draw a picture of a pet "house" on the front of the card and a picture of the pet that lives in that house on the inside of the card. Encourage them not to tell what pet they are drawing, since they want people to guess the answer to the question, Who lives here?

  3. When children are done drawing, they can exchange cards with one another and try to guess what pet is inside.


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