A "Tail" to Tell

Language Arts Activity

Students will write a sequel to the original The Three Little Pigs story or a fractured version of it.



  1. Have students read different versions of The Three Little Pigs.

  2. Distribute copies of the blank story map. Work with students if necessary to complete the story maps.

  3. Have students use their story maps to write a draft of their stories. Students may enjoy using software writing programs such as Creative Writer (Microsoft), The Writing Center (The Learning Company), and The Amazing Writing Machine (Broderbund.)

  4. Have students read their drafts aloud to you or to a writing partner. Encourage them to ask questions such as Is my writing clear? or Is there anything I should add? Then have students make any necessary revisions and print a final copy of their stories.

  5. Encourage students to proofread their final copies. Students who used software writing programs should run a spell-check before printing and then read the final copy once.

  6. Encourage students to draw illustrations and make a cover for their stories. The software writing programs mentioned above include clip art that can help greatly with the illustrations.

  7. Have students read their stories to the rest of the class in a special Three Little Pigs story hour. If a Kindergarten class is available, your students may enjoy reading their stories to the class.

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