Night Sounds

Creative Writing Activity

In this activity, children will discuss the different sounds they hear at night, sounds that they don't usually hear during the day. Then they will write and record a poem about these night sounds.



  1. Discuss with children the difference in the level of noise during the night and during the day. Explain that because there is more activity during the day (people are going about their business, radios are playing, cars and trucks are moving, etc.), there is generally more noise, and some sounds may get drowned out by others. At night it is usually quieter, so there may be some sounds that children are especially aware of during the night. Ask children if they have ever noticed certain sounds during the night that they don't usually hear during the day. Record their answers on strips of oak tag.

  2. Then tell children that they are going to make a group poem about night sounds. Write the title Night Sounds on a strip of oak tag, or have children suggest a title, and display it in a pocket chart or on a table. Next, read aloud the other strips and work together with the children to create a poem about night sounds by arranging the strips in an order that most children agree upon.

  3. When the poem is finished, read it aloud with children several times, encouraging them to actually make the noises mentioned in the poem. When children know the poem well enough, have them recite it (noises and all) while you record it. Keep the tape in the listening center.



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