Night Lights

Science/Art Activity

In this activity, children will discuss the many different sources of light that are available to help them see at night. Then they will draw a picture of themselves using a source of light during the night.



  1. Talk with children about the importance of light. (Without it we could not see.) Then brainstorm a list of the many different sources of light that help people see at night, such as lamps, flashlights, car headlights, the moon, candles, fire, etc. Record children's suggestions on a piece of chart paper.

  2. Next, tell children that they are going to draw a nighttime picture of themselves using a light to see in the dark. Pass out the black construction paper and have each child cut a large circle out of the middle. (The circle needs to be large enough for them to draw a picture inside of it.) Pass out the yellow (or white) construction paper and have children glue the two pieces together, making sure that the edges align.

  3. Now children are ready to draw. Explain that they can draw on the lighter colored paper, which represents the area lit up by whatever light they draw in the picture. Remind them that they can refer to the chart paper if they need help with ideas.

  4. When children are done, have them share their pictures with the class. Shut off the lights and darken the classroom. Then shine the flashlight on each child as he or she explains his or her picture.


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