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Children will gain an appreciation for the concepts of big and little and improve their measurement skills as they compare the heights of those near and dear to them.


  1. Explain to children that they will be measuring the people in their families to see who is the tallest and who is the smallest.

  2. Distribute the yarn and paper clips to each child. Have children practice the following measuring procedure with a partner before taking the materials home.

  3. Remind children that they will measure the tallest person in their family as well as the smallest. Be sure children understand that they are measuring family members other than themselves.

  4. When children return the next day, they should have two paper clips on their yarn. Using a consistent measurement unit (a ruler, a row of ten unifix cubes, etc.) instruct children to work with a partner to figure out the heights of their tallest and smallest family members. They should record their results on a piece of lined paper. You may want to demonstrate the proper procedure for measuring their yarn.

  5. When children have completed their work, regroup the class and list results on a bar graph using large butcher or poster paper.

  6. Ask questions similar to the following to compare the data collected:

It may be helpful to send a note home explaining the assignment with procedure suggestions.

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