Designing a Dream Store

Social Studies Activity

Students will plan, create, and advertise their very own, unique store.



  1. Discuss with students different kinds of stores: General stores, department stores, grocery stores, superstores, and specialty stores that carry products for one area of interest, such as sports, books, electronics, or music.

  2. Divide the class into groups. Ask each group to come up with the store of their dreams. Suggest that students think about what product or products they will sell. Encourage students to use their imaginations to come up with a unique store -- one that does not exist already.

  3. Next, have students develop a business plan, which should include information such as the following:

  4. Show samples of different kinds of advertisements. Then have students plan an advertising campaign to make their dream stores known. Campaigns might include any of the following:

  5. Set aside time for each group to present their advertising campaigns. Then on another day invite the class to"visit" one another's stores. If possible, invite families or another class to view the new stores.

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