Funny Faces

Art Activity

Children create flip books in which eyes, noses, and mouths get all mixed up to produce some very funny faces.



  1. Divide children into two or three groups and distribute a copy of the head outline to each child. Tell children that they are going to use their imaginations to draw a funny face.

  2. Point to the horizontal lines and explain that these lines are the secret to making the faces really funny. Demonstrate how children should place the eyes above the top line, the nose centered below the middle line, and the mouth below the bottom line. Encourage children to add anything else they wish to the picture, such as wild hair or a silly hat.

  3. After children finish their drawings, have them carefully cut along the horizontal lines.

  4. Next, children in each group sort the strips into three piles, eyes, noses, and mouths and then staple each section carefully to an oak tag backing.

  5. Children can sit in a circle to pass the flip books around and create funny faces.


Some children may wish to make their own flip book of funny faces animals, or creatures.

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