Surprise Snack

Math Activity

Students will have a surprise math lesson as they prepare a simple recipe -- complete with an unexpected guest!



  1. Discuss with the class some things that make a guest feel welcome, such as a big smile, a hearty welcome, and an offer of something to drink or eat. Often when people visit, it's fun to have a snack ready for all to enjoy.

  2. Distribute a copy of the Quick Snack recipe to each child. Explain that this recipe is a good one to use because it is easy to make and doesn't take too long. However, because it serves only eight people, the recipe amounts will have to be changed. To do so, ask some math questions such as these:

  3. After you've worked through some of the above questions with the class, have children make Quick Snack. Ahead of time, secretly invite the principal, school secretary, lunch monitors, and/or other distinguished guest(s) to surprise your students as they finish preparing the snack. Ask volunteers to serve their unexpected guests and enjoy the treat with them!


Students will enjoy making a class book featuring their favorite recipes. Have children bring in copies of their favorite recipes. Emphasize that it's best to choose simple recipes -- ones they can prepare with little help. Send a note home with children, clearly explaining the nature of this assignment. When the collection of recipes is complete, compile them into a class book for students to share and enjoy.

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