The Places We Go!

Social Studies/Art Activity

Children will become more familiar with their school and develop a greater understanding of the many different activities that go on at school by tracking their movements within school over a day.



  1. With children, draw a large map of the school. You can determine the level of detail you want to obtain as the children work on the map. However, you should include and label the places in the school that the children frequent, such as the cafeteria, gym, auditorium, art room, playground, office, etc.

  2. When the map is finished, display it on a bulletin board and go over it with the children. Then explain that you are going to use push pins to keep track of all the places in the school that the class goes.

  3. After each trip outside the classroom by an individual or group of children, take a moment to mark the destination on the map. At the end of the day, review the day by pointing to each push pin and asking a volunteer to tell what happened at that location. Discuss with children why they go to different places within the school, what they learn, and the kind of fun they have at each location.


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