School Rooms

Social Studies Activity

As children play the School Rooms game, they reinforce their understanding of commonly used school terms in a fun, noncompetitive atmosphere. They also build awareness that their senses are constantly gathering information to help them navigate through the world around them.



  1. Tell children that they are going to play a game called School Rooms. Explain that you are going to give three clues that describe a room in the school and they must decide which room you are describing.

  2. Distribute the School Rooms Game Sheet to each child and read the name of each room with the children. Then have children cut out the six markers at the bottom of the board. Tell the children that they will use these markers to show which room they think is being described.

  3. Cut apart the clue cards and mix them up. Choose a card and read the clues aloud to the children. Tell children to put the marker with the number one on the room that they think the clues describe. Encourage children to listen to all the clues before guessing. Put that card aside and choose another. The children will use the number two marker to mark this room. Keep going until you have read all the cards. Keep the cards in the order that you read them.

  4. Then review with children the clues on each card and tell them which room each card describes. As children check their guesses, discuss the choices they made and why they made them.



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