Where Have You Been?

Social Studies

Children reinforce their understanding of sense words and build their communication skills as they tell friends about a place they've been to and a place they'd like to visit. As children listen to one another, they learn about different places.

What You Need

What to Do

  1. Have children sit in small groups or with a partner. Ask them to think of some place they have been to. Tell them it may be somewhere they went once on a special family trip, or someplace they visit often. Encourage them to describe this place to their friends. Tell children who are listening to ask questions such as: What did you do there? What did you see?
  2. After everyone has had a chance to talk about where they've been, distribute the “Where Have You Been?” sentence starters. Read them aloud with the children. Then have the children complete the sentence starters and draw pictures to go with the sentences.
  3. When children have finished, encourage them to read their sentences and share their pictures.
  4. Repeat the process, having children first discuss someplace they would like to go. Then distribute the “Where Will You Go?” sentence starters. Have children write complete sentences and share them with a partner or a group.

Teaching Options

  • You may want to lead a group discussion and model how to complete the sentence starters before the children work on their own.
  • If you feel that some children may have difficulty writing words to complete the sentences, encourage them to complete the sentences by drawing pictures.