Silly Creatures

Art/Science Activity

In this activity, children will use their artistic skills and knowledge of animals to create pictures of silly creatures.



  1. Ask children to name different animals. On the board or on chart paper, list the animals mentioned. Then ask volunteers to describe what each animal looks like. If you have pictures of animals, hold up the appropriate picture as the animal is being described.

  2. Next, tell children that they are going to draw some silly creatures by mixing different parts of the animals they have just discussed. For example, one silly creature might have the head of a lion with the nose of an elephant and the body of a giraffe. Explain that they are going to make these silly creatures by switching papers with one another as they draw.

  3. Arrange children in groups of four. Distribute the drawing materials and have each child draw the body of any animal he or she chooses. Then have children exchange papers with another member of their group. Now have them add a head to the body of the animal they received. Remind them that each new part they add to an animal should not match any of the parts already in the drawing. Have them exchange papers again (making sure they don't get a picture they've already had) and add the arms (or wings) and legs. Have them switch papers one more time and add a tail and any other finishing touches to complete the silly creatures.

  4. Children can work in their groups to brainstorm names for the silly creatures they drew. Help children label their pictures (they can refer to the list you made earlier) and have groupshare their drawings with the class.


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