Big Book Fun 1-10

Math/Art Activity

In this activity, children will create two class big books that will reinforce their understanding of the numbers one through ten.



  1. Brainstorm with children a list of ten or more things that are associated with fun. The list could include people, animals, or things that children enjoy. It could also include indicators that someone is having fun, such as a smiles, laughter, grins, etc. List children's responses on the board or on chart paper.

  2. Then explain to children that they are going to make two class big books about fun things. Have children count along with you as you write the numerals 1-10 on separate pieces of construction paper. Write the numerals on the bottom (or top) of each page, leaving plenty of room for a child to draw a picture. Repeat the process counting down from 10.

  3. Next, distribute the numbered pages and the coloring materials and have children draw a picture to represent the number on their page. Remind children that they can look at the list of fun things the class made earlier for ideas. (You may want to have partners work on the pages with larger numbers.) Help children label their pages. If some children finish early, they can work on the covers for the books.

  4. When children have finished their pictures, assemble the pages into two big books. Assemble one book so that the pages are in order from 1 to 10. Assemble the other book so that the pages are ordered from 10 to 1. Read the books with the class and store them in the class library.
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