101 Things Friends Do

Social Studies



  1. Divide children into groups of five. Have children appoint one person in the group as the recorder.

  2. Each group brainstorms (for designated period of time) a list of things friends do (share ice cream, laugh at each other's jokes, go places together, etc.). The recorder prints all ideas on large piece of paper.

  3. When the allotted time is up, the groups share their lists with one another. Duplicate items are eliminated from the lists and a class list is made.

  4. The class counts the number of ideas collected. If there are less than 101 things listed, have a volunteer subtract the class total from 101 to find out how many more ideas are needed.

  5. Post a message on the Internet, asking other second-grade children to contribute to the list and choose the best ideas. Some good sites to try are:
    International Kids' Space
    International Kids' Space is a "G rated" Internet site designed for children of all ages to enhance both computer and communication skills through their real participation and use of the Internet. Children can post messages on the online bulletin board or send email to second graders in the pen pal section.
    Go to International Kids' Space at www.interport.net.
    The Intercultural E-Mail Classroom Connection
    The Intercultural E-Mail Classroom Connection is a free service, provided by St. Olaf College, to help teachers and classes link with partners in other countries and cultures for e-mail classroom pen-pal and project exchanges. Post a call for other second grade classrooms around the world to share their ideas about what friends do on the IECC K-12 mailing list.
    When 101 ideas have been collected and edited, print each one on its own page, leaving room for an illustration.

  6. When each idea has been illustrated, bind all of the pages into a class book titled 101 Things Friends Do.

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