Learning from Friends

Social Studies/Art Activity

Through discussion and reflection, children will develop a deeper appreciation of the many benefits of friendship.



  1. Begin by reading My Friends by Taro Gomi. Discuss the book with the class, pointing out that the girl in the story had many different kinds of friends. Ask children to think about the kinds of friends that they have. Encourage them to think of friends (e.g. grandparents, teachers, pets) beyond classmates or other children. You may want to list their responses on chart paper.

  2. Next, remind children that the girl in the story learned many things from her friends. Encourage children to share some of the things that they have learned from their friends. Again, you may want to record their responses on chart paper.

  3. Now tell children to draw a picture of themselves learning something from a special friend. As children draw, have each one dictate a sentence explaining his or her picture. Record the sentence below the picture.

  4. When children are done, have them share their pictures with the class. If possible, have them demonstrate what they have learned.


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