Where We Came From

Social Studies Activity

Children will explore their family heritage.

In preparation for the activity, have children ask their parents and relatives to list the countries where their ancestors were born.



  1. Choose one country from your list.

  2. Write the chosen country's name and your name on a sticker.

  3. Locate the country on the map and place the sticker on it. If you don't have enough space on the map for all the stickers, pin one large-headed thumbtack into each country and use yarn to connect each thumbtack to an index card. See Step 5.

  4. Research the country and write five or more interesting facts about the country and/or culture on an index card.

  5. Staple the index cards around the border of the world map. Use a piece of yarn to connect each child's sticker to his or her index card. If you have used thumbtacks rather than stickers for any countries, have each child write his or her name on the index card. Have children share with the class the information they researched.

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