Family Pictures

Math Activity

Children will exercise their graphing skills by creating, reading, and comparing picture graphs using the total number of people in their families.



  1. For homework, ask each child to make a list of people in his or her family, including extended family members such as aunts, cousins, and grandparents, etc. Some children may wish to include pets on their lists.

  2. Explain to children that they will use their completed lists in class to create a picture graph that shows the total number of people in their families.

  3. Distribute blank copies of the My Family graph and multiple copies of People cut-outs. Model making a picture graph of your own family by cutting and pasting the appropriate cut-outs on a chart. Then instruct children to graph their own families, following your example. Point out that each picture cut-out is a representation of a person or pet and is not meant to look like their family members or pets. Allow children to modify any of the categories and/or draw their own cut-outs if they wish.

  4. Have children compare the number of family members in their original lists with the numbers on their picture graphs. They should match.

  5. When they have completed their graphs, children can stand up in small groups so others can view their graphs. Ask children questions such as, Which family has the most people? the most cousins? more than five males but less than ten? etc.


Combine children's individual graphs and create a large class family member graph to display on a bulletin board. Encourage children to decorate the graph. Then use it to have children practice number facts with larger numbers.

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