Who Helps?

Social Studies Activity

Children develop their understanding of how their families function and renew their appreciation for various family members.



  1. Discuss with children why they think families are important and what they like about their families. Ask children to think about special contributions each family member makes to the family.

  2. As children respond, create a chart on the board and record some of their responses (see sample chart). Encourage children to think about their own role in their family. What do they contribute? How do they help?

  3. Tell children that they can fill out their own family chart. Then distribute copies of the Family Member Chart and have each child fill it out. Remind children that they can use the chart on the board for ideas or to check their spelling.

  4. After children have completed their charts, have them share their charts with a partner.


You may want children to complete their charts at home. Then bring the charts in to share with the class.

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