Global Issues

Social Studies

With some library research, students can expand their environmental awareness. The following activity works well in groups or independently.



  1. Have students brainstorm a list of environmental issues in the world today. You may wish to write their ideas on the chalkboard.

  2. Have students form small groups. Each group should choose one issue to research. When researching, students should focus their notes on the following:

  3. Have groups display their work. Here's one idea: Cut a 20" diameter circle out of the square piece of oak tag or poster board. On the front, draw one hemisphere of a world global map. Write the name of the research issue on the map. On the back of the map, list the findings of the research, under the following headings: Problems, Causes, Effects, Solutions, and What We Can Do. Hang completed "globes" from the ceiling with string.

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