Around the World

Social Studies Activity

Celebrate the diversity of your community by setting aside special days throughout the school year to celebrate other cultures.



  1. Have students make a list of countries they would like to celebrate. Then set up a schedule of what country will be celebrated when.

  2. Once the dates have been established, divide the class into special interest groups to begin researching the selected country. One group might develop a list of words and phrases in the native language of the chosen country. These might include simple greetings, days of the week, numbers, and so forth. Another group can create an illustrated chart of interesting fact's about the country. A third might draw travel posters that beckon travelers to visit the country.

  3. If possible, invite a family member, someone from the community, or any other person to join in the celebration by offering a story, song, dance, and/or food based on the country of choice.

  4. In the days before the celebration, have groups share what they have learned with the entire class.

  5. On celebration day, decorate the room with the lists, posters, and charts. You might also display a welcome sign in the guest's native language.


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