Happy Days Bowl

Social Studies Activity

In this activity, students create a Happy Days Bowl that they can turn to for a reward on a good day or for an idea to turn around a bad day.



  1. Explain to the class that they are going to create a Happy Days Bowl. The bowl will hold ideas for things to do that might make a person's day happier. Students write their ideas on the slips of paper, fold them, and place them in the Happy Days Bowl.

  2. Start students thinking about ideas by offering some of your own. Then pass out the slips of paper so that everyone, including you, has at least three. After a set time, collect the slips in the bowl.

  3. The ideas can be wide ranging. Some examples might be:

  4. Tell children that they may go to the Happy Days Bowl if they are feeling good about something and want to mark the occasion with a special treat. Or they might dip into the bowl if they're having a bad day and want to turn it around by having something pleasant happen. You may wish to establish some guidelines for when and how frequently students can go to the bowl.

  5. Explain that when students go to the bowl, they draw a slip from it, read it, and then put it back in the bowl.


Keep blank slips of paper available so that students can add more ideas as they occur to them. After a couple of weeks, encourage students to evaluate how effective the Happy Days Bowl is and make any necessary changes.

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