Fantastic Pictures!

Language Arts/Art Activity

This activity gives students the opportunity to review nouns and adjectives while creating imaginative works of art.



  1. Set up two boxes, one labeled NOUNS and the other ADJECTIVES. Take 30 index cards (depending on how many students in the class), and write one noun on each card. The more interesting and unusual, the better. Some examples might be: dinosaur, baobab tree, castle, centipede, monster.

  2. Next, write one adjective on 40 or more index cards. Choose adjectives that are interesting and visual, such as purple, tremendous, spotted, fanged, and striped.

  3. Have individual students choose one noun card and at least one adjective card from the boxes. Explain to students that they are to put the adjectives and nouns together and make a drawing (or a collage) of what they describe. The picture must show something fantastic, that is, something that probably couldn't be found in real life. Note that if the adjective and noun together represent something realistic (for example, a blue box or a red dress), students will need to choose other adjectives.


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