Number Scouts

Math Activity

What makes up a community? People, of course. Then there are the other living things, such as plants and animals. There are also buildings, streets, schools, businesses, and vehicles. This activity makes students aware of one other important element in a community: numbers.


  1. Have students form groups of Number Scouts. Tell students they are going to search for numbers in their neighborhood. Their goal is to find not only as many numbers as they can, but to find out what those numbers do and why they are important.

  2. Make each group responsible for a section of the neighborhood or for a particular place (such as a gas station, convenience store, post office, drugstore, or library).

  3. Have groups, accompanied by teacher helpers (adult family members, or friends) visit their sites and take notes on how numbers are used. A visit to a gas station, for example, might yield a list like this:

    Numbers . . .

  4. When all the groups have gathered their number information, have them share the information by creating a poster, in list or chart form, of the numbers they observed.


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