Post Cards

Social Studies/Art Activity

In this activity children will use the post card format to draw and write about something they did or would like to do.



  1. Begin by telling children that when people go on a vacation or on a special trip, they sometimes send post cards to friends or family members. Ask children if they have ever sent or received a post card. Invite children who are familiar with post cards to describe what post cards look like and what kind of information is usually written on them. Hold up or pass around the sample post cards. If it hasn't already been mentioned, explain that people often send post cards to let their friends or family know what they are doing on their trip.

  2. Then tell children that they are going to make "post cards" to send to their classmates. Explain that their post cards may show them doing something they actually did while on a trip with their families, or it may show them doing something they would like to do some day. For example, a child may draw a picture of herself dog sledding in Alaska, while another child might draw a picture of himself riding a camel in Egypt.

  3. Next, have children sit in small groups and brainstorm ideas for their post card pictures. Encourage them to also think about what they want to write (or have written) on the back of their post cards. When children are ready, have them begin drawing. As they are drawing, circulate among them and help them write a sentence or two on the back of the post card that tells about what they are doing in the picture on the front. (You may want to have them dictate the sentences to you.) They can address their post cards, "Dear Friend" or "Dear Class." Remind children to sign their post cards.

  4. When children are finished, have them put their post cards in a class "mailbox" (a box or bag). Have a volunteer deliver the mail by distributing a post card to each child, making sure no one gets his or her own post card. Then have children share the post cards with the class.


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