Mysterious Monsters

Language Arts Activity

People have reported seeing all kinds of mysterious monsters. But are they real or just a figment of people's imaginations? In this activity, students will delve into these mysteries and present their findings as if they were the monsters themselves.



  1. Distribute and read with students Monsters: Real or Imagined? Ask students who recognize any of the names on the sheet to tell what they know about the monster. Then discuss if they think that people's claims to have seen these monsters are believable. (At this point students will not have much to base their opinions on, but it will be interesting to find out if students change their opinions after doing some research on these creatures.)

  2. Have students choose a monster from the Monsters: Real or Imagined? sheet and then go to the library to find out more about it. Suggest that they think about questions such as: Where have the monsters been seen? What do they look like? How many people have seen them? What do people have to say about the sitings?

  3. Once students have collected their information, have them dress up as the monster and tell the class their life story.


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