Pen Pals

Science/Movement Activity

In this activity, children will discuss the sounds that different animals make. Then they will play a listening game, using the animal sounds they've discussed.


Farm Animal Word Cards (print and copy, optional)


  1. Discuss with children the sounds that different farm animals make, inviting volunteers to make the sounds. You may want to review the sounds by singing Old MacDonald, including the following animals: cow, dog, duck, hen, horse, pig, rooster, sheep.

  2. Next, tell children that they will play a listening game called Pen Pals. Cut out the word cards from the Farm Animal Word Cards sheet (make enough copies so every child can have a card) and distribute a card to each child. Tell children not to reveal the name of the animal on their cards. Assist any child who needs help reading the word on his or her card. (You may want to simply assign each child an animal by whispering the name of the animal in the child's ear.) Be sure that there are at least two children assigned to the same animal.

  3. Then choose spots in your classroom that can serve as make-believe "pens" for the different animals. (If you use the animals listed above, you will need eight pens.) Point out to children where the pens are. Now they are ready to play the game. Explain that their goal is to go to their pens, but first they must find their pen pals (other children with the same animal card). The catch is that they cannot use words to find their pen pals. Each child must make the noise of the animal on his or her card (or the animal you assigned them). Once all the pen pals are together, they can go to their pen. The game is over when all the animals are in their pens.


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