Amazon Animals

A - anteater, armadillo

B - boa constrictor, Birdwing butterfly

C - crocodile, cayman (or caiman), capybara

D - dolphin

E - egret

F - frog (red-eyed), firefly

G - gulls

H - heron

I - ibis (bird)

J - jaguar

K - kinkajou

L - Leaf-cutter ant, lizard

M - Marabou stork, manatee

N - night monkey (or owl monkey)

O - ocelot, otter, ovenbird

P - parrot, piranha

Q - queixada (or peccary)

R - Red Howler monkey

S - sloth

T - tamarin, toucan, tarantula, Tartaruga turtle, tapir

U - umbrella bird

V - vampire bat, vulture

W - weasel, whippoorwill

X - (the challenge animal)

Y - yapock (or water possum)

Z - zorro (or flag-tailed dog fox)

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