Amazon Alphabet

Science Activity

The great diversity of life in the tropical rain forest of the Amazon Basin is shown in this activity by having students create an alphabetic Amazon animal mural.


  1. Assign each student one or two letters of the alphabet, leaving out the letter X. Ask students to find the names and pictures of animals that live in the Amazon Basin whose names begin with the letter(s) given. Once they find the name, have students read and learn about the animal's lifestyle. You may wish to help students find the names by providing a list of Amazon Animals. Challenge the whole class to find an Amazon animal whose name begins with X. Here are some hints.

  2. Ask students to draw, color, and cut out oaktag pictures of their animals. Have them label their pictures with the animal's name making the first letter in the name very large.

  3. Students then create a mural of a tropical rain forest and place their animal cards in alphabetical order on the mural. Display the mural in the school hallway or cafeteria.



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