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Unit 4 Bibliography: People at Work

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Books for Independent Reading

Extra Support

Mama's Coming Home
by Kate Banks
Farrar, 2003
As Mama makes her way home from work, Papa and the boys prepare for her arrival.

Everybody Works
by Shelley Rotner
Millbrook, 2003
Photographs of people in a variety of jobs accompany simple text about the ways people work.

The Paperboy
by Dav Pilkey
Orchard, 1999
A boy and his dog deliver newspapers in their neighborhood.

From Maple Tree to Syrup
by Stacey Taus-Bolstad
Lerner, 2004
Readers learn the process by which sap from a tree is harvested and sold.

The Ant and the Grasshopper
by Amy Lowry Poole
Holiday, 2000
A carefree grasshopper dances away his summer while the ants work hard to gather food and prepare for winter.

If You Were a Farmer
by Virginia Schomp
Benchmark, 2001
This look at agricultural life offers a clear description of what farmers do.

On Level

by Kathleen Krull
Holiday, 2001
How food moves from farm to market is included in this behind-the-scenes look at a grocery store.

My Dad's Job
by Peter Glassman
Simon, 2003
A boy who spends the day at his Dad's office discovers some of the realities of the working world.

Who Works Here: Hospital
by Lola Schaefer
Heinemann, 2002
Readers are introduced to many different hospital workers and their jobs. See others in the series.

Big Jimmy's Kum Kau Chinese Take Out
by Ted Lewin
Harper, 2002
A boy describes helping at the busy Chinese take-out restaurant his family runs.

Follow the Money
by Loreen Leedy
Holiday, 2003
A quarter describes its uses from the time it's minted to being deposited in a bank to being spent at a pet store.

The Life and Work of Claude Monet
by Sean Connolly
Heinemann, 2000
An introduction to the work of this famous French Impressionist. See others in this series of artists' biographies.


Vision of Beauty
by Kathryn Lasky
Candlewick, 2003
Born to former slaves, Sarah Breedlove became the richest woman of her times.

Estela's Swap
by Alexis O'Neill
Lee and Low, 2002
At a Swap Meet in Santa Ana, a girl hopes to sell her music box to earn money for folk dancing classes.

Molasses Man
by Kathy L. May
Holiday, 2000
Three generations of an African American family work together to harvest sorghum and make molasses.

Amelia Works It Out
by Marissa Moss
Pleasant Company, 2000
Amelia records in her notebook her attempts to raise money to buy sneakers.

by Margaret Hall
Heinemann, 2000
Photographs and real-life examples help readers learn all about money.

A Basket of Bangles
by Ginger Howard
Millbrook, 2002
Five women in Bangladesh change their lives by starting their own business.

Read Aloud and Reference

Read Aloud Books

The Bakery Lady/La señora de la panadería
by Pat Mora
Arte Público Press, 2001
Monica loves to help out in her grandparents' bakery, and even gets to make a special batch of lemon cookies.

Beatrice's Goat
by Page McBrier
Atheneum, 2001
A young girl's dream of attending school in her Ugandan village is realized after her family is given an income-producing goat.

Yoshi's Feast
by Kimiko Kajikawa
DK Ink, 2000
Two neighbors find a profitable way to resolve a dispute in this folktale.

Sweet Potato Pie
by Kathleen D. Lindsey
Lee and Low, 2003
During a drought, a family saves their farm by making and selling sweet potato pies.

Those Building Men
by Angela Johnson
Scholastic, 2001
Poetic text pays tribute to the men who labored building roads, bridges, railroads, and skyscrapers in America.

Reference Books

Kids' Money Book
by Neale S. Godfrey
Simon, 2002
A financial expert provides children with the resources they need to feel confident in understanding money and our economy.

From Seashells to Smart Cards
by Ernestine Giesecke
Heinemann, 2003
This history of money around the world includes photos and reproductions of objects used as early currency.

101 Marvelous Money-Making Ideas for Kids
by Heather Wood
Tor Books, 1995
This guide to enterprise for kids provides them with ideas, as well as advertising and budgeting information.

Free and Inexpensive Materials
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