Houghton Mifflin Social Studies

School and Family

Unit 1 Bibliography: People Everywhere

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Books for Independent Reading

Extra Support

I Am America
by Charles R. Smith, Jr.
Scholastic, 2003
Vibrant photographs of children and brief text celebrate America's diversity.

Following Rules
by Robin Nelson
Lerner, 2003
Photos and simple text show children following rules at home and at school. See others in the series.

Moving Day
by Jo S. Kittinger
Children's Press, 2002
After saying goodbye to her friends, a girl and her family load up the car and move to a new home.

Being Fair
by Robin Nelson
Lerner, 2003
This introduction to the concept of fair play features photographs of children and simple text. See others in the series.

Covered Wagons, Bumpy Trails
by Verla Kay
Putnam, 2000
Brief rhyming verse describes a pioneer family's journey west to California on a wagon train.

On Level

Lots of Grandparents
by Shelley Rotner and Sheila Kelley
Millbrook, 2001
Pictures and brief text describe all kinds of grandparents.

Dot the Fire Dog
by Lisa Desimini
Scholastic, 2001
Dot and her firefighter friends know just what to do when the alarm bell sounds at the fire station.

Henry and Mudge in the Family Trees
by Cynthia Rylant
Simon, 1999
Henry and Mudge enjoy the family reunion at his Cousin Annie's house more than they thought they would.

That's Our Principal!
by Ann Morris
Millbrook, 2003
Mr. Plaut's busy day as a school principal includes making sure the school is safe, and getting to know his students.

I Pledge Allegiance
by Bill Martin, Jr. and Michael Sampson
Candlewick, 2002
Word by word, and line by line, this book explicates America's oath in kid-friendly language.


If the World Were a Village
by David J. Smith
Kids Can, 2002
This book helps children understand what the world would be like if it were a 100-person village.

My Family Plays Music
by Judy Cox
Holiday, 2003
A girl describes the different kinds of music her family members play and how she joins them.

On the Town: A Community Adventure
by Judith Caseley
Greenwillow, 2002
A boy and his mother explore the people and places of their community.

Hunter's Best Friend at School
by Laura Malone Elliot
Harper, 2002
When his best friend starts acting up at school, Hunter the raccoon isn't sure what he should do.

Full, Full, Full of Love
by Trish Cooke
Candlewick, 2003
For Jay Jay, Sunday dinner at Grandma's means tasty food and loving family members.

Annabelle's Big Move
by Carla Golembe
Houghton Mifflin, 1999
When a moving truck takes away her family's belongings, a dog finds the joys and problems of a new home.

Read Aloud and Reference

Read Aloud Books

It's Back to School We Go
by Ellen Jackson
Millbrook, 2003
The first day of school for 11 children from around the world provides many common experiences.

The Name Jar
by Yansook Choi
Knopf, 2001
After starting school in America, Unhei decides not to change her Korean name, even though her classmates can't pronounce it.

Almost Late to School
by Carol Diggory Shields
Dutton, 2003
This collection of poems captures the experiences of school-goers with humor and lightheartedness.

The Recess Queen
by Alexis O'Neill
Scholastic, 2002
A new girl in school dethrones the recess bully by making friends with her in this rhyming story.

Aero and Officer Mike: Police Partners
by Joan Plummer Russell
Boyds Mills, 2001
Officer Mike and his K-9 partner Aero help to keep their community safe.

The Name Quilt
by Phyllis Root
Farrar, 2003
Sadie loves to hear her grandmother's stories about the family names sewn on a special quilt.

Reference Books

How I Celebrate
by Pam Robson
Millbrook, 2000
People of different faiths, nations, and cultures celebrate many important events in their lives.

How People Live
by Dr. Deena Freeman
DK, 2003
Photographs and text highlight the way of life of some of the indigenous peoples of the earth.

People Around the World
by Antony Mason
Kingfisher, 2002
This oversized volume, chock-full of photographs, provides information on how people live all over the world.

A Life Like Mine: How Children Live Around the World
by Jemima Khan
DK, 2003
Profiles of 18 children explore what life is like for them where they live.