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Presentation Modes

In considering any potential topic for a science fair project, children should also think about how the project might best be presented. Science fair projects can be set up in one (or a combination) of the following five categories:


These presentations allow children to pose a problem, design an experiment to investigate that problem, and record and report their results.


Here, the child demonstrates a particular science principle or fact. The demonstration may showcase how something works, a science phenomenon, or how something is created naturally.


In a research project, the child investigates a chosen area of science by consulting primary and secondary resources. That is, children will need to consult reading materials from libraries, museums, and government agencies. At the same time, experts such as scientists, health care workers, and county agents, can be interviewed.


Collections are an assembly of science-related items such as rocks, photographic equipment, aquatic plants, types of levers, etc. Usually, collection projects are extensions of hobbies or other free-time activities.


In this type of project, children display some kind of scientific apparatus or instrument and describe its use or function in detail.

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