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Making an Outline

An outline can have main topics, subtopics, and details. Every outline should have a title.

  • Main topics tell the main ideas. A main topic is set off by a Roman numeral followed by a period.
  • Subtopics give supporting facts. A subtopic is set off by a capital letter followed by a period.
  • Details give specific facts about the subtopics. They are placed after numbers give more information about a subtopic. A detail is set off by a number followed by a period. More precise details may follow.

Sample Outline:

Knots [TITLE]

  • I. History of Knots [MAIN TOPIC]
    • A. One of the oldest inventions [SUBTOPIC]
      • 1. Used with bows and arrowheads [DETAILS]
      • 2. Used for clothing and shelter
      • 3. One or two inches taller
    • B. Famous Gordian knot
  • II. Tying Knots
    • A. Language of knots to name parts of a rope
    • B. Preparing rope for knots
      • 1. Work the rope to take out stiffness
      • 2. Whip the ends so rope doesn't unravel
    • C. Useful knots
      • 1. Square knot
      • 2. Bowline
      • 3. Two half hitches

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