Tips for Developing the Whole Child

These simple tips can help you work on many areas of development that will help your child become a well-rounded person. They also help extend your child's learning at home. You can find additional suggestions in the other themes.


Encourage your child to count out loud by ones to five or ten during different times of the day. For example, your child can count steps or trees during a walk outside or he/she can count toys or blocks during play.

Literacy and Language Development

Have your child describe people, objects, and events in as much detail as possible. You can pause when you get to an interesting illustration in a book and have your child tell about it.

Have your child dictate things for you to write. For example, encourage her or him to tell you what you're going to do that day or what items you're going to buy during your trip to the grocery store. Also, encourage your child to draw, scribble, and write using a variety of writing and drawing tools.

Health and Safety

Teach your child good hygiene. Have your child brush her/his teeth at least twice a day. Show how to brush your teeth correctly; use a circular motion on the top of the teeth and a top-to-bottom and bottom-to-top motion for the front and back of the teeth.