Fun Activity

Playing Store

Children enjoy acting out real-life events, and playing store is a fun activity to do at home. Your child may want to play supermarket, shoe store, or more. The store may even change during the playtime. It may even be an outside store.

Playing store can be very simple. Children can assemble items in an area for customers and themselves to “buy.” You can provide pieces of paper on which the children can write prices. This will reinforce not only the writing of the numbers but also the concept that the prices tell us what the item costs. The children will make the connection that every item has a price that is paid during the shopping. And once they “pay” and carry away their items in a paper bag, they'll want to start all over again. They may make a list of the items they want to buy.

As you observe your child playing, you may want to ask questions that help your child understand the process of buying and selling: Where do the items in the store come from? How do they get to the store? Who works at the store? Who goes to the store to buy things? What happens when people buy all the things at the store? How do we pay for the things we buy?

Depending on your child's interest, you can point out what is happening in stores as you shop. You may see delivery trucks, workers stocking shelves and pricing, signs that show prices, and cashiers. Pointing out these people and events will help your child understand how people make stores work.