Reading/Language Activities

Beginning Sounds

Your child has been learning to pay attention to the beginning sounds in words and to match beginning sounds. It is important to reinforce these skills in a fun way as often as you can. Take turns saying pairs of words and asking if the words start with the same sound. You may need to stretch out the sound to emphasize it.

  • peanut/pear
  • hat/hair
  • bus/baseball
  • apple/banana

As an extension of this skill, your child is learning to isolate the beginning sound and produce words that start with that same sound. You can help your child learn these skills by saying words and asking your child to tell you the sound (not the letter) the words begin with. For example, say these words: bus/baseball/banana. Then ask your child what the beginning sound is, modeling a response: /b/ is the beginning sound! Continue with other groups of words that have the same beginning sound.

Take turns playing word games by saying a word and having your child say another word that starts with the same sound. You could do this a few times any time you're together, maybe waiting in line or taking a ride.

Letter Knowledge

Your child's knowledge of printed letters is growing. Continue to encourage him or her to look for capital and lowercase letters in the environment—on signs, in books, and in other places. You can take turns playing “I Spy” and say a letter you see and ask your child to find it. You can also describe the shape—the lines and curves—of the letter to give as clues for your child to guess.

Take advantage of opportunities to write with your child. You will be modeling occasions for writing as well as giving your child the chance to see the formation of the letters. Maybe you'll make a shopping list, label a picture, or write a note. Your child can dictate parts of the list or note or create his or her own writing.

Vocabulary Boost: We're learning words about the city and the country! Here are some words to discuss with your child: city, country, crops, products, transportation, travel.