Fun Activity


On a rainy day—or any day—your child can build inventive projects. These can be buildings, games, toys, machines, pieces of art, statues, and more. The only limit is imagination and the types of objects he or she can find.

You may want to have a box to collect leftover objects, pieces of toys, unused puzzle pieces, cardboard tubes, pieces of fabric, etc. When your child is feeling creative, or needs some direction, he or she can build an invention. Using tape or glue, it will be fun to see what it turns out to be.

Encourage your child's creativity by allowing him or her to create the project, maybe with a little help, if necessary. There is no right or wrong way to do it! It will be fun to hear your child's description of the invention and how it was made, though he or she may be hesitant to describe it in much detail at first. You will know how many questions to ask about it and how much your child will want to share.

You can support your child's varied and developing interests with books from the library. And if friends and family ask for gift suggestions, you can suggest certain types of books you know will appeal to your child.