Tips for Developing the Whole Child

These simple tips can help you work on many areas of development that will help your child become a well-rounded person. They also help extend your child's learning at home. You can find additional suggestions in the other themes.

Literacy and Math

Point out and identify letters and numbers in various media, such as books, catalogs, and signs. If possible, trace the letters and numbers with your child and talk about their shapes. Encourage your child to write specific numbers and letters.

Social/Emotional Development

Teach your child to respect the property of other children and adults. Tell your child that it's not only important to respect the property of others, but also their personal space. Encourage your child to be aware of his or her personal space and the personal space of others, specially when you are in crowded places, such as elevators and shopping malls.

Explain to your child what it means to be a friend. Give your child many opportunities to interact with other children of his or her age outside of the school setting. Encourage positive behaviors that will help him or her make and keep friends, such as sharing and caring.

School Connection

Talk with your child about what he or she did at school every day. Read the Weekly Newsletters that your child and his or her teacher prepare for you. Ask the specific questions provided in the Weekly Newsletters and do the home activities. These activities build upon and extend what your child is learning at school.