Reading/Language Activities

Beginning Sounds

This theme is Animals Everywhere. Your child will read and talk about many different animals and learn their names. You can use the animal names to match the beginning sounds. For example, take turns saying an animal name, and then saying a word that starts with that same sound.

  • dog/donut
  • elephant/egg
  • rooster/rainbow

You can also name an object and have your child name an animal that starts with the same sound. Some beginning sounds are challenging, but maybe you can name make-believe animals that start with some sounds.

Alike and Different

Help your child compare animals, telling how they are alike and different. You can use toy animals, pictures, or real animals throughout the year. Discuss the animals' characteristics—fur, feathers, ears, number of legs, types of feet, wings, etc. Find characteristics that make the animals alike and different. Your child will suggest other similarities and differences as he or she compares.

As an extension, talk with your child about how an animal's characteristics and abilities help it live in certain environments. For example, discuss how a squirrel is well suited to live in a tree, while a fish is best suited to live in water. You can even compare other animals that live in a particular environment, such as a tree. Ask questions such as: Why is a tree a good home for a bird and a squirrel?

Comparing how things are alike and different will help your child in all subject areas—reading, math, science, social studies, art, and more!

Vocabulary Boost: We're learning words about animals! Here are some words to discuss with your child: alike, animals, care, different, needs, pets.