Theme Song

Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring

Summer, fall, winter, spring—
 We name the seasons as we sing.
Each has something new to bring—
 summer, fall, winter, spring.

Verse 1
This season brings us lots of sun
 and popsicles for everyone.
We swim. We play. We have some fun.
We call this season summer.

Verse 2
This season brings us morning dew,
 colored leaves and turkeys, too.
Orange pumpkins just for you!
We call this season fall.

(Repeat refrain.)

Verse 3
This season brings us lots of snow
 and happy songs that we all know.
Our cheeks turn red as cold winds blow.
We call this season winter.

Verse 4
This season brings us melted snow.
The plants and flowers start to grow.
Rainbows come and rainbows go.
We call this season spring.