Fun Activity

Investigate Changes

Help your child observe how things change in different environments. You can use ordinary home objects to demonstrate change, such as ice cubes, ice cream, fruit, vegetables, soap, and more. Your child can investigate, predicting what might happen, observing what happens, and talking about it with you or family members. Help your child use words such as cold, colder, coldest, hot, hotter, hottest, warm, and cool.

For example, have your child fill an ice-cube tray with water, and then place it in the freezer. Your child can guess what will happen, and then check every so often to see what is happening to the water. Once the water is frozen, your child can remove the ice cubes from the tray and hold them, play with them, and describe them. Next, encourage your child to experiment with the ice cubes by (1) leaving one in a dish on the counter, (2) heating one in a dish in the microwave, and (3) working with you to heat one in a pan on the stove. It will be fun to see which ice cube melts fastest. The one in the pan may even boil! Talk about the changes with your child. If interested, he or she may want to draw what happened to the ice cubes. Encourage your child to remember the steps in order.

You can help your child be observant of changes in food and in nature. Support curiosity and experiments, and join in conversations about how and why things change. You may have a budding scientist at home!