Math Activity

Search and Pick-up!

Use seven index cards or pieces of paper that are cut to approximately 3" x 5". Write one number on each card, with your child dictating the numbers 1 through 7. Shuffle the cards and turn the deck face down.

Take turns turning over a card. Say the number, and then search for the number of items the card says. For example, if your card is “3,” you will find three objects of any kind. The other player must count the opponent's objects.

Make the game harder by finding objects in specific categories or colors, such as blocks, socks, crayons, all toys, all-red objects, and so on. If your child is able, add cards for 8, 9, 10, and more. Play outside, too!

Children should be able to play this game without adults. They may even invent new games using the cards.