Reading/Language Activities


Retelling the sequence of a story or an event is an important skill. As you read to your child, stop now and then to discuss what has happened so far in the story. When the story is finished, talk again about what happened in the beginning, the middle, and the end. Go back to the beginning and have your child use the illustrations to retell the story in his or her own words. Later, encourage your child to tell someone else what happened in the story.

Use other events to give your child opportunities to retell what happened. Help your child remember details and the order in which events occurred.

Letters and Writing

Encourage your child to write the letters in his or her name, as well as other letters. Have your child name the letters being written and tell how to write them. Some scribbling may happen, but that's good for coordination and muscle development, too.

Dress for the Weather

While your child gets dressed, encourage him or her to talk about why certain clothes are appropriate for the day's weather. Ask what else he or she will need to wear that day and why. Discuss when other clothes would be worn, such as shorts for a hot day, mittens for a cold day, and a raincoat for a rainy day.

If you have time, play a little game and ask your child to wear the wrong clothing, such as mittens on a hot day. This can be a fun way to help your child reason through why certain clothes are appropriate for certain weather.

Vocabulary Boost: We're learning words about seasons! Here are some words to discuss with your child: fall, winter, spring, summer, weather.