Reading/Language Activities

Rhyming Pairs

Take turns with your child, first saying a word and then saying a rhyming word. Have fun and make up nonsense words. It's OK, as long as they rhyme! You can also hold up a variety of household items and have your child name them and say a word that rhymes with each one. For example, display a shoe and say: Do you know a word that rhymes with “shoe”?

Letter Shapes

Encourage your child to identify capital and lowercase letters. Use ideas from the Theme 1 Home Activities to make the letter shapes in sand, with jelly, or with other materials. Write your child's name and talk about the lines and/or curves that make up each of the letters.

Book Share

Go to the library or share books with friends. Suggest a topic of interest, such as marine animals, and have friends select books based on the topic. Ask a librarian to help children gather books based on topics of common interest. Children can then get together and talk about what they have read.

Vocabulary Boost: We're learning words about our senses! Here are some words to discuss with your child: hear, see, senses, smell, taste, touch.