Fun Activity

Family Time

Look at family pictures and talk about family stories. Encourage your child to draw a picture of your immediate family members. Help your child label the picture, using terms such as “uncle,” “cousin,” and “grandmother” in addition to their names. Ask questions, such as Who is Mom's brother? How is (Frank) related to you? You can also collect photographs or illustrations of families from magazines and newspapers. Make sure to include diverse family groups.

Talk about the people in your neighborhood and the stores and buildings that make up your neighborhood. Use blocks and a variety of art materials to create a model of your street. Take an imaginary walk down the street, stopping at each “store” or “home” to name the owner or occupants. For example, say: (Mrs. Martinez) lives here. Who lives next door to (Mrs. Martinez)? Have your child ring the bell and introduce herself/himself to the neighbors.