Reading/Language Activities


Help your child practice distinguishing and making up pairs of rhyming words. Say a pair of words to your child, such as the following:

  • sun/fun
  • red/sled
  • roof/school
  • one/green
  • red/foot

After saying each pair, ask your child if the words rhyme or not. You can also make up your own word pairs. Use words that your child uses frequently and that are familiar to her/him.


Sing the alphabet song with your child. You can sing while you are out for a walk or during road trips. Encourage your child to pause slightly between letters, especially between L, M, N, O, and P. If you're at home, you can point to the letters on an alphabet strip or in an alphabet book as you sing the alphabet.

Vocabulary Boost: We're learning family and neighbor words! Here are some words to discuss with your child: community, family, neighbor, neighborhood, and rules.