Fun Activity

Make an “I Can” Poster

At school, one of the stories in this theme is “We Can.” The story is about accomplishments and things children can do at the end of the school year—sing the alphabet song, count to ten, play music, make a pattern, and more. At home, your child can create an “I Can” poster to show some of the skills he or she has learned both at school and at home.

Use a large piece of paper or poster board, or four pieces of 8 1/2 "x 11" paper taped together to form a larger sheet. Your child can glue a current photo or drawing of himself or herself in the center of the poster. All around the photo or drawing your child can draw or glue pictures from magazines that represent new accomplishments and interests. Here are some ideas: letters or numbers; your child can write his or her name; splotches of colors he or she knows; shapes; and more.

Be sure to include new at-home skills. Maybe your child learned to dress independently, to put on his or her jacket, or to zip. Magazine pictures or drawings (perhaps gathered with your help) can represent these accomplishments. Perhaps your child has a new favorite food or can now pour from a pitcher or use new utensils. He or she may have learned to skip, hop, ride a bike, or skate. He or she can include new friends made during the year and/or a new addition to your family. You and your child will think of many events that can be added to the poster.

Hanging this poster at home will help your child—and you—recall the accomplishments of this Pre-Kindergarten year and will reinforce positive feelings about new skills and abilities.